Peasmarsh NDP First Public Consultation Results

What Do We Think of Peasmarsh?

We were asked to assess five aspects of the parish and to suggest how they might be improved. The assessments have been converted to an average percentage :

Safety :72% adequate

144 people suggested ways to improve safety in the parish :

  • traffic calming measures : 66
  • improved police presence : 44
  • street lights : 32
  • improved pavements : 12

The Parish Council [PPC] recently purchased a sophisticated traffic monitor; the data from that will be used in discussions with the county highways department and with the police.

Health Services :61% adequate

94 people suggested ways to improve health services in the parish :

  • local surgery / medical centre : 54
  • more visiting surgeries : 18
  • transport to/from surgeries : 32
  • local dentist : 3
  • better ambulance service : 3

Discussions with the local doctors' practices are required but it is unlikely that the NHS will accept the creation of a surgery in the parish.

Bus Services :39% adequate

117 people suggested ways to improve public transport in the parish :

  • more frequent buses : 107
  • coordinated transport system : 9
  • additional routes : 17

An email reporting all of the above has been sent to the county in response to its recent bus service survey; this will be followed up to keep pressure on it.

Utility Services :61% adequate

72 people suggested ways to improve utility services in the parish :

  • better drains : 41
  • better electricity supply : 20
  • better water supply : 10
  • better broadband service : 24
  • better cell phone service : 9

Early discussions are needed with Southern Water and UK Power Networks. It will be less simple to approach the communication issues.


Not enough thought went into the question on the schooling when it was prepared : it didn’t differentiate between primary and secondary schooling on the hardcopy form. The results are therefore not particularly useful. Nonetheless, we can learn from the comments made.

53 people suggested ways to improve schooling in the parish :

  • larger primary school : 35
  • better secondary education : 21
  • School Lane issues : 9

These issues will be discussed with the school and the parish council.


At the end of Section 1 we were asked some more general questions about the parish :

  • 80% of the respondents see Peasmarsh as a dormitory village [so not an economic centre];
  • on average, respondents feel that Peasmarsh has neither improved nor worsened in the last five years : a score of 48%;

We were then given the opportunity to suggest other improvements. 121 people used the opportunity, many reinforcing what had already been said :

  • traffic calming : 35
  • better social opportunities : 22
  • no new houses : 18 [not possible under current legislation]
  • improved cleanliness : 17
  • better shopping : 16
  • better transport services : 6
  • suitable housing : 5

These comments will be taken into account as the Plan is created.

In the next section we were asked about our environment