Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Development Plan 2021-39

Our Neighbourhood

What then is our 'Neighbourhood'? There are lots of answers of course, depending on the purpose.

We have been advised that our NDP should consider the entire parish but that doesn't mean that all of the parish should be considered as having development potential - far from it.

One of the very tight definitions of the neighbourhood is the development boundary : an area outside of which no large scale development would be permitted. The area in the previous Rother planning cycle is shown in the inset on the right. It stretches from the boundary with Rye Foreign along the A268 but only so far : it doesn't go as far as the Cock Inn for instance.

One of the key objectives in building our NDP is for all of us to agree what the new development boundary should be. We need to be asking ourselves where we want the focus of the village to be in the longer term. For instance, should the Jempson's area - where our only shop, only fuel station, our pharmacy, our only ATM and our post office are - be inside the development area? You will be asked for your views so why not starting thinking about it now?

Inside the development boundary we should also be thinking about what special purpose areas we want to assign : do we want an area reserved for a doctor's surgery? a larger primary school? more light industry to generate more job opportunities? more playground(s)?

Outside of the development area is important too : we have the opportunity of designating areas which deserve protecting over the longer term for various reasons. Where should they be - and why?


“Our Neighbourhood"

peasmarsh area map