Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Development Plan 2021-39

Your Chance to Volunteer

We need everybody who lives or works in the neighbourhood to participate - at some level or other - in building the NDP even if it is only to make your views known.

Remember : the NDP will be yours.

What is needed right now are people to get involved in :

  • researching the issues
  • setting up communication systems
    [including a network of 'street angels' to deliver leaflets once lockdown is lifted]
  • preparing for the first Peasmarsh Workshop in the middle of this year

People with specialist knowledge or experience are particularly welcome. Can you help with these :

  • public utilities [electricity, water and drainage]?
  • housing requirements?
  • the environment and ecosystems?

If you think that you can help in any way at all, please contact us [next item down on the menu to the left].


Lord Kitchner