Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Development Plan 2021-39

Working Together for Development

As explained in the Introduction to Neighbourhood Development Plans, what an NDP does not do is allow a neighbourhood to block all developments, we have to accept that some development in Peasmarsh is essential. What we need to agree is where that will be and what form it will take.

When land between Main Street and School Lane was under consideration for development the Parish Council and some residents identified the issues with the site and proposed alternatives but, because we didn't have an NDP in place, Rother over-rode the objections and dismissed the alternative sites. We do have the advantage of having the reasons why those other sites were dismissed so we will be able to propose sites with justifications.

As discussed on the 'Neighbourhood' page, before calling for potential development sites, we need to agree where we want the focus of the village to be in the longer term and what special allocations we want to make such as a doctor's surgery or a larger primary school.