Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Development Plan 2021-39

Rother District Council is under considerable pressure from the government to double the new housing target in its area. However, the government has created a mechanism for towns and villages to have a greater say in how their local area is developed : Neighbourhood Development Plans or NDP's for short.

We believe that it is important that Peasmarsh has its own NDP so that we can all have a say in how the village is protected while being developed. It is a very democratic process which requires regular consultation with residents and people who work in the village and culminates in a referendum to decide whether it is acceptable. Only if passed by our vote can it be adopted.

Although the Parish Council must be involved, this is not its initiative, it is yours!

This web site helps you understand what it is all about, will keep you updated on progress and allows you to get involved in the effort to develop our NDP. Why not add this page to your 'Favourites'?

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Progress :

The Plan has been updated to reflect the Examiner's requirements. It is available in the Vault, 'Referendum' chamber. The referendum will be held on February 29th.

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