Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Development Plan 2021-39

Utilities and Infrastructure

Although our NDP will primarily be a land use plan, it will give us the opportunity to raise issues such as the unreliability of the electricity supply - we seem to have blackouts at frequent intervals - and the speed and density of traffic on the A268. You can immediately see the chance to make your views heard. We will list the issues here as you send them in.

Electricity : the village doesn't seem to have a secure supply : when a problem occurs on the incoming line the power cuts [sometimes for days on end]. There should be two independent incoming lines with isolation at either incomer so that if one goes down that line can be isolated without affecting our supply.

Electricity : further to the above, how is UK Power Networks going to cope as people buy EV's and need an additional 32 amp supply. All new houses should have them installed from the start.