Peasmarsh Neighbourhood Development Plan 2021-39

Building the Plan

Creating an NDP is a relatively long process, not least because of the built-in procedures to ensure inclusivity and compliance. We have set a target of being ready to hold the referendum at the end of 2022.

By mid-2022 it became clear that we had seriously underestimated the amount of work needed to draft the Plan and had also not fully understood the number of steps needed to finalise it.

There are a series of key activities which will help you understand the process. The later parts have now been recast to reflect the current understanding :

Early March 2021 : Peasmarsh PC adopts the need for an NDP and lobbies Rother DC for 'Neighbourhood' status
Peasmarsh PC adopted the need for an NDP on March 2nd
March to June 2021 : Recruitment, Research and Preparation
We always welcome new volunteers
Mid-June June 2021 : First Public Survey issued
The survey was open throughout July
Late June 2021 : Rother DC adopts the Peasmarsh 'Neighbourhood Area'
Rother PC adopted the Neighbourhood Area on March 25th - much sooner than expected
Early July 2021 : First Drop-in Consultation and Workshop
This event took place in the Memorial Hall over the weekend of July 3 and 4
July to September 2021 : Incorporation of feedback from Consultation and Workshop
Feedback meetings were held in the Memorial Hall on September 24 and 25
Late September 2021 : Call for possible development sites
This is complete and the possible site locations handed over to the professional consultants who are currently undertaking a site location assessment
October 2021 to March 2022 : Review of sites and development of NDP
This period became more complex since the timescale was initially created; Professional consultants have completed a housing needs assessment plus a site options and assessment and are working on an environmental impact assessment; The real work on developing the NDP has only just started since the site options and assessment has been received [the draft was eventually received in early May]
Late March 2022 : Second Consultation and Workshop
The second Public Consultation was eventually held over the weekend of May 7th and 8th;
July 2022 : Draft NDP available for comment
In the end, sections of the Plan trickled out over the third quarter but the formal draft then took a further month to complete.
The timescale was recast in autumn 2022 to better reflect the expectations at that time.
November until December 12 : Formal Consultation under Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations.
The Regulation 14 consultation finished on time.
December 2022 onwards : Preparing responses to comments received and adjusting the Plan as necessary.
A lot of work went into adjusting the Plan over the Christmas and New Year period. In the end, it was early February before the work was complete and approved by PPC.
January 2023 : Submission of the final draft Plan to Rother.
The Plan was submitted to Rother on February 10.
February until mid-March 2023 : Formal Consultation under Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations.
This 6 week consultation, organised by Rother, ended on March 31.
March 2023 onwards : Preparing responses to comments received and adjusting the Plan again as necessary.
It is now clear that we do not have the ability to change the Plan again : it will be examined as submitted in February. Rother is currently collating the responses received during the Regulation 16 consultation.
The timescale was again recast in late summer 2023 to better reflect the expectations at that time.
Autumn 2023 : Examination by Independent Examiner
The Examiner's role is to make sure that the Plan complies with the law. He was selected jointly by PNDP and Rother. Following the September public hearing, he has now issued his final report.
Spring 2024 : Public Referendum
The Plan has been updated in line with the Examiner's requirements and the date of the referendum has been set as February 29th 2024